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Ethanol, Ethyl Alcohol, grain alcohol, fermentation alcohol, alcohol, methylcarbinol

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Synonyms: ethanol, grain alcohol, fermentation alcohol, alcohol, methylcarbinol, absolute alcohol, absolute ethanol, anhydrous alcohol, alcohol dehydrated, algrain, anhydrol, Cologne spirit, duplicating fluid 100C, ethyl hydrate, ethyl hydroxide, jaysol, jaysol s, molasses alcohol, potato alcohol, sekundasprit, spirits of wine, spirit, synasol, tecsol

Molecular C2H5OH

CAS No: 64-17-5

Physical data
Appearance: colourless liquid
Melting point: -144 C
Boiling point: 78 C
Specific gravity: 0.789
Vapour pressure: 1.59
Flash point: 14 C ( closed cup)
Explosion limits: 3.3% - 24.5%
Autoignition temperature: 363 C
Water solubility: miscible in all proportions

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